Scotch Mist

August 2017

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Macallan Edition No.3
Engagement Kit
August 2017

Bompas & Parr created a new drinking ritual for The Macallan Edition No. 3, conceiving an aroma diffuser that ensured drinkers' palates were primed to sample the whisky by the  entirely complementary scent already hanging in the air. Bompas & Parr worked to create a formula that integrated a portion of the whisky itself in the diffusing liquid, pairing it with an organically styled oak facia that carried the whisky's branding.

The diffuser was sent to influencers and VIPs across Asia, creating a light floral and honey mist that acted as a canvas against which the sweet fudge, buttery flavours, notes of Christmas cake and brandy snaps, brown sugar and apple blossom of the whisky itself could be better understood.

The diffuser acted as part of a family of similarly aromatic products designed to deconstruct the taste profile of The Macallan whisky in a new and engaging way. Its big brother was the Aroma Cannon, a plinth-based device that emitted large rings of flavoured smoke to accompany sampling the product.