Sherbert Pergola

London, September 2017

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Bompas & Parr created an edible installation titled the Sherbet Pergola in September 2017 which was positioned to welcome visitors to Motcomb Street’s annual Summer Street Party and the official re-opening of the street to the public.

The Sherbet Pergola was a physical manifestation of the delectable pleasures and fashionable, exotic treats imported to London in Motcomb Street’s first days. Nodding to the verdant London of pre-1800 Belgravia, Bompas & Parr’s Sherbet Pergola takes visitors back to the lush pastures of Motcomb Street’s earliest memories.

The Pergola borrowed its aesthetic of a classical facade mixed with the trellis of a garden structure to reference the street’s rich history and its status as a fashionable purveyor of English taste. The installation offered visitors the opportunity to sample exotic flavour pairings of the passing food trends of English high society, in the form of the nostalgic childhood treat, Sherbet. The many flavours on offer ranged from earl grey and scones with jam to spicy curry and mango pickle.