Malnutrition Labels: Nutritional Ink

Dole Sunshine Company, 2022

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Bompas & Parr worked with creative agency St Luke's London and one of London's leading Silkscreen print studios K2, to create screen-printed posters using ink derived from real fruit waste for Dole Sunshine Company. These have been placed next to fast-food trucks and vending machines in an effort to highlight the amount of unhealthy food Brits consume.

‘Malnutrition Labels: Nutritional Ink’ calls attention to the low nutritional value of certain snacks and foods, while printing the ads with ink made almost entirely of fruit means the posters have more nutritional benefits than the on-the-go food.

Partnering with food scientists, the project went through various rounds of experimentation and used a variety of fruit waste and scraps to create optimal colours and nutritional formulation for the printing process.