Flavour Rainbows

London's Royal Docks, November 2021

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A celebratory installation inspired by the meteorological phenomenon of rainbows featuring the world’s first flavour rainbow commissioned by the Royal Docks Team.



Explore a colourful history at www.royaldocksrainbows.com


The flavour rainbow installation was framed by two larger rainbows oscillating across Royal Victoria Dock, capturing natural sunlight.  Visitors to the installation were invited to view the spray spectacular as it endeavours to capture natural sunlight at 42˙ from their perspective... sunshine dependent.

Rainbows are universally considered a symbol of hope and renewal.  From early myths to scientific inspiration, Judy Garland’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow to the high-flying flags of LGBTQIA+, and more recent Covid rainbows, the phenomenon is a universal sign of poignancy and positivity.

With the Royal Docks once London’s gateway to world trade, the celebration of rainbows you can interact with will have important local resonance.

Many of the foods and flavours coming into London passed through this area in terms of import, warehousing and manufacturing. 

The world's first Flavour Rainbow installation featured a flavour rainbow created using bespoke light refracted through the falling moisture that appeared as multicoloured in guests' eyes hidden beneath Europe’s first Flyover.  The flavours were co-curated by our community partners who have illustrated their stories from the docks, proudly showcasing the past and future Newham.


Harry Parr of Bompas & Parr studio said, “flavour and meteorology have always inspired us; to see them collide so spectacularly is a dream of mystical proportions come to true – we can’t wait to hear what you would like the rainbow to taste like.”

Professor Simon Werrett of Department of Science & Technology Studies UCL said, “Can human art improve the rainbow? Rainbows have inspired artists and scientists over the centuries to create fountains, instruments, and machines to take the rainbow to new heights of spectacle.”

Mendija Jansone aged 14 from Newham Youth Board said, “I think everything about rainbows is kind of magical.”


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